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Please join us Saturday, October 18, 2014 at 7:00 pm for a complimentary talk. All are welcome for an information session and conversation.  

We are excited to introduce our Certified Lifestyle Health Coach, Mandy Figueroa to discuss the importance of self-care and its ripple effect on our families. She will share strategies and tips for creating a practice of daily self-care that won't take a lot of time but will make a big impact on your health and your family. Mandy believes honoring your needs and treating yourself with kindness are the most important steps you can take toward overall wellness.


Very often we hear that people are afraid it is a “sign of weakness” to seek counseling services. We challenge that belief. Many of our clients are some of the strongest people we have ever met. Counseling does not show weakness, it shows strength to persevere, reach out and be willing to work for a better life.


 We invite you to take your time in getting to know our staff and services better all provided in our Toms River, NJ office.  


You may utilize our services in conjunction with one another or choose one service that best seems to meet your current needs. Like you, we are constantly evolving and changing with the needs of the community we serve. So, please visit often to see what is new, or complete the newsletter link at the bottom of this page to receive timely updates to our services.

Some of the exceptional services we provide include:


Please check the respective pages to see how you can get a FREE group or consultation with our Health Coach.

We invite you to take your time in exploring our website and reaching out to us at (732) 244-2210 to learn more about our various services. Or, you may contact us here.

Whether it be counseling to help heal your mind, improving your physical health, or a combination of the two, we are here to help you not only feel better but be everything you have the potential to be.


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