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(Formerly Kane Counseling, LLC)

Welcome! We hope you find the information and services we provide useful. We invite you to relax, and take your time in getting to know our staff and services better. Our services include individual and couples counseling, group therapy, and physical wellness programs.

Beth and Kevin Kane started private practice as individual practioners offering individual counseling.  As the need of the clients changed, they changed with them. The focus has and always will be on what our clients need and want. With that in mind, Kane Counseling, LLC was created to offer additional and more diverse therapeutic services for our clients as well as group counseling programs. Kane Counseling expanded and grew with the changing needs of all our clients.

With that in mind, Marin Integrative Therapy, LLC was born. It became increasingly apparent that individuals can benefit from an array of services, each complementing the other. We still provide the same exceptional and compassionate individualized therapeutic counseling services to all of our clients, but we also now include programs designed to meet your physical wellness as well. The connection between the mind and body has been proven to not only exist but to be of benefit to each other when both areas are attended to together.

You may utilize our services in conjunction with one another or choose one service that best seems to meet your current needs. We are constantly evolving and changing with the needs of the community we serve.

Whether it be individualized or couples counseling, group therapy, or one of our other services: creative/expressive writing and/or weight loss and healthy eating through our Health Coach, we strive to offer a variety of services that best match your needs. Please check the respective pages to see how you can get a FREE group or consultation with our Health Coach.

We invite you to take your time in exploring our website and reaching out to us at (732) 244-2210 to learn more about our various services. Or, you may contact us here.

Whether it be healing your mind, improving your physical health, or a combination of the two, we are here to help you not only feel better but be everything you have the potential to be.

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